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Cream Soups
Cream Soups Cream Soups Cream Soups Cream Soups Cream Soups Cream Soups Cream Soups
Cream Soups

What are our cream soups like?

Tasty, healthy and ideal for work, students and all those who love healthy food, those who are on a diet or eat in a hurry.

What is under the lid?

Try all six of our unusual tastes: carrots with coriander, beets with thyme, broccoli with blue cheese and tomatoes with basil. Combination of fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs is a fantastic alternative to quick, often unhealthy snacks, but also to soups prepared at home. The products do not contain artificial colours, allergens or preservatives. Their light composition makes them a good choice for fans of low-fat but also vegetarian products and they serve as two out of the recommended five daily portions of fruit and vegetables. They contain loads of vitamins, minerals, fibre or lycopene. In short, it's a vitamin bomb that you cannot miss. Besides they taste exactly as those made at home.

Who for?

The new product also constitutes a base for creating a more complex and sophisticated dish that can be served to guests, whereas busy people may ideally use cream soups in their basic form. Closed tight in 500 ml microwaveable cups they will perfectly complement meals at work. The lid has been so created that unfinished soup may be covered and stored in the fridge for later use. Close tight to prevent spilling

Cream soups

A fresh taste specially for you. Marwit Soups do not contain any additional, preservingor thickening substances nor taste and colour enhancers. They are 100 % natural. They are low calorie dishes that can be ready within a few minutes. If you like healthy and tasty meals at work or after working out, a Marwit Cream Soup is just the choice for you.
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