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The Witmar Sp. z o.o. enterprise was established in 2007. At the moment we hold the status of an Initially Acknowledged Group of Fruit and Vegetable Producers. We are one of the largest producer groups operating in Poland. The arable lands under the ownership of our company cover the area of over 1200 ha. They are situated in non-industrialised areas, chiefly in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie province, largely in the Vistula river valley.

The vegetables in our offer are grown completely under our control. We are strictly monitoring the process of growing and storing of the raw material, and with the use of our modern cold storage facility we ensure fresh vegetables all year round. A modern processing line for root vegetables allows selection, washing, wiping and packaging of vegetables, and in the case of carrots, heading down.

The Witmar offer includes: carrot, beetroot, parsley, celery and onion.

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