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The quality policy

Taking into account its mission together with the needs and expectations of consumers, and aiming at becoming competitive on the market, Marwit offers a line of high quality products which conform to health safety standards. 

We guarantee that our Quality Policy is implemented by:

  • analysing and satisfying consumer needs,
  • producing goods in accordance with specific quality requirements
  • a comprehensive engagement of all competent workers who are responsible for the implementation of their tasks
  • a continuous improvement of staff qualifications by training in accordance with growing quality and health safety demands towards foodstuffs
  • application of resources and materials that guarantee the highest quality of products
  • ensuring safety to our products as a result of identification, evaluation and supervision of potential threats in the entire process of production and distribution,
  • adherence to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Hygienic Practice in all activities within production, storage and distribution of end products
  • improvement of infrastructure and production technology resources
  • periodic quality system reviews.

In order to achieve the objectives it is important that all the Marwit Sp. z o.o. employees know and are able to implement the Quality Policy.

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