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Why Marwit?

  • tradition

For the last 22 years we have been trying to meet the demands of our customers, win their trust, loyalty, and ensure satisfaction.

  • health

Take care of your health and the health of your family. Products by Marwit will give your family life and energy.

A healthy snack in fresh air, family, friends, surrounding parks, fields, meadows. A sunny day, a blissful and idyllic mood. We have put it all inside our products.

  • quality

We care about the highest standards of production so that all our products are delicious at all times. We are proud to be here for you…

  • established position on the market

Our company is a leader on the domestic market of fresh juices and side-salads.

  • over 300 employees

Our team of specialists makes sure that you get your daily dose of good health.

  • Polish product

When buying Marwit products, you support the Polish capital and enjoy our local taste.

  • Cooperation with over 7,000 retailers

We keep developing: in 2013 we entered into cooperation with discount stores.

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