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Our unique juices

The production process is the key to the unique taste of our juices. The most imortant element is the extraction and bottling of the juice made of specially selected, fresh fruit and vegetables, not purees, and the lack of a preservation process. Due to that our juices maintain all the properties of fresh fruit and vegetables: taste, smell, as well as vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances.

The most commonly used process for the preservation of juice, which results in the extention of its expiry date, is the pasteurisation or sterilising, which consists in heating the juice up to the temperature of about 80 C to 121 C, which brings about changes in taste, smell, and the destruction of many valuable nutrients, including vitamins.

The taste of Marwit juices reamins nearly identical with that of home-extracted juices. However, our technological process ensures protection to the most valuable and the most sensitive components of juice against oxidation. The lack of pasteurisation means that storage and transportation must be provided in cool conditions (2-6°C). Rapid expiration (1 to 4 days depending on the flavour) is clear evidence of their freshness.

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