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Historical background

23 November 1993

The company starts business activity as Firma Produkcyjno-Handlowa Maciej Jóźwicki (a manufacturing and retail company). The first juices reach just over a dozen shops in Toruń. A small manufacturing business is located on the premises of the Merinotex Cotton Combing Facility. A daily output amounts to 600 of 0.33 ml bottles of juice.


The facility is moved to Zławieś Wielka, a town located 20 km west of Toruń.


juice is sold to Warsaw for the first time.


Distribution expands to other cities: Poznań, Łódź, Szczecin, Kraków, Wrocław, Katowice.


installation of a new, automatic production line.


Construction of modern cold stores capable of storing 5000 tons of raw materials.


Marwitki carrots are launched to the marke.


Product range expansion – introduction of apple and beet and apple juices.


Marwit Sp. z o.o. is established which aims at the distribution, sales and marketing of Marwit products.


Introduction of citrus juices: orange and grapefruit..

July 2007

Company reorganisation: a production facility is added to Marwit Sp. z o.o. The capital of the company reaches PLN 27 300 000 September.

September 2007

The company starts a radio and TV advertising campaign for the first time.

November 2007

The company range of products is enriched by Owocudo and smoothie juices.


Marwit celebrates its 15th birthday by selling fresh juices with special jubilee labels. In September and October a consumer promotional campaign is organised with fresh juice and other daily prizes.


Marwit launches Premium side salads and One, two, three lettuces under its brand.


Nature Gardens – Marwit product range further develops.


New packaging for Owocudo, Marwitki and One, two, three lettuces.


Cooperation with discount stores starts.


Expansion of product portfolio with 4 flavours of Cream Soups and 3 new tastes of salads.


Owocudo is now called Smoothie.

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