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Fresh apple juice
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Fresh apple juice

Twist off, taste and feel the new twist of fresh apple juice. Exceptional and one of its kind, the juice has just been extracted from Polish apples, unpasteurised and natural. Simple and outstanding taste. Sheer nature that you can taste.

Did you know...

the apple contains fibre whose role is to regulate metabolic processes, which allows us to maintain a slim and healthy figure! Remember to drink it within four days!


apple juice. Raw juice from freshly washed apples. Natural unclarified, with natural colour, unpasturised and unsweetened

nutritional value in 100 ml of juice
Energy content:
178 kJ / 42 kcal
C 16 mg (20%)*
*of the daily reference intake value
0.3 g
12.0 g
0.3 g

One bottle covers the daily demand for vitamin C and 11% of daily demand for potassium

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