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Fresh carrot and celery juice
100% juices

Fresh carrot and celery juice

What a life!' - the celery gave a sigh, and you can now sigh for the delicious and healthy carrot and celery juice. The carrot adds a sweet note and celery has the thing. You only wish it didn't finish so quickly.

Did you know...

The celery has been a valued vegetable ever since the ancient times, when it was one of the most popular aphrodisiacs ;-) Remember to drink it in one day!


carrot juice 97%, celery juice 3%. Raw juice from freshly peeled carrots with added celery. Natural unclarified, natural colour, unpasteurised, unsweetened.

nutritional value in 100 ml of juice
Energy content:
161 kJ 38 kcal
A 580 µg (72%)*
*of the daily reference intake value
0.1 g
8.7 g
0.4 g

One bottle covers the daily demand for vitamin A and 13% of daily demand for potassium

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